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Send your Nintendo Switch screenshots to Discord, automatically.

Get Started

Join the Discord server, open a direct message with the bot (Switchshot#8680) and send the word login.

Join the Discord server

Once you're set up, simply include the text $swsht in your tweet. Your screenshots will be sent to you and your tweet will be deleted, so your timeline doesn't get cluttered.


Can I upload videos?

Update (2020-07-14): Yes, you can! Please note that processing time may be significantly longer for videos.

I tweeted, but I never got a DM!

Please check that your Twitter account is not protected. This can be found under Privacy and safety in Twitter's settings.

If your account is not protected, then make sure you have server DMs enabled for the Switchshot server. Right-click the server icon, choose Privacy Settings then turn on Allow direct messages from server members.

Finally, try logging in again by sending the bot a DM. If this doesn't work, send a message to the #help channel.

How does it work?

Switchshot is a Discord bot that interacts with you via DMs. Once you've signed up, tweet your screenshots or videos with the tag $swsht. In a few seconds, they'll be sent to you through Discord and your tweet will be deleted.

Does it work with PS4 / Xbox One / other platforms?

As long as you can tweet from the console, yes.

Why do you need all this access to my Twitter account?

Twitter only allows three different levels of account access when asking for permission. Switchshot only uses this access to delete your screenshots after they've been sent to you. We'll never post from your account, follow anyone or edit your profile.

How do I unregister?

Send the word stop to the bot via a DM. This immediately and permanently deletes all your information from the database, and revokes the bot's access to your Twitter account. You can type login to sign up again.

Is it safe?

As safe as it can be. If you find something that might be a security flaw, please send me an email at zudo@doki.space.

Can I add the bot to my server?

Yes, if you want. Please remember you need to allow DMs from at least one server that you share with the bot, otherwise you will not be able to set it up.

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